From My Desk by Kendall McCullough

Comedy and Politics In today’s times it seems that the only group that can actually talk about politics intelligently is comedians. Politicians want/have to lie to their voters so they will stay in office. They have to cozy up with many people they do not actually agree with. They basically have to watch very carefully…

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The 501 by Hannaba Munn Welch

Scarecrow for all seasons Got a new idea? Google it. There’s nothing new under the sun – or the Halloween moon. Search for “cow skull scarecrow.” They materialize in various guises. Most are on the great give-away-your-ideas website Pinterest. Mine’s on my Facebook page. I thought I invented him. He’s got distant cousins everywhere. Halloween…

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Opinion By Robert Romano

Can federalism survive? It’s up to Congress. Under the original Constitution, and even with its subsequent amendments, power was supposed to be distributed between the federal and state and local governments, with the idea that the national government would have the fewest powers to affect local administration except in certain areas. And so, the federal…

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