About Town

KFLP’s broadcast of Game #1 of the Lady Winds’ Region 1 Semi-Final play-offs was coming through my Jeep’s radio speakers as I left Lockney’s Spring Band Concert last Thursday evening. Tony Ricketts’ play-by-play commentary brought the game into view for me as I drove those familiar miles between Lockney and Floydada. Already in progress, the…

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The 501

Donald and Scrooge made cents Everything I know about economics I learned from Donald Duck. I exaggerate. But to this day I remember the gist of an Uncle Scrooge and Donald supply-and-demand story about bottle caps whereas I remember nothing from Economics 101 except how to spell and pronounce Keynes. Google “Donald Duck Uncle Scrooge…

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What’s Up? by Deon Fincher

Nature never ceases to amaze me! I suppose that is why I find gardening so enjoyable—I get to witness miracles on a daily basis. The kale that I planted last spring has gone through several transformations these past 12 months, and through those changes has provided a bounty of greens for Terry and I and…

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