The 501 by Hanaba Munn Welch

NAMING NAMES Naming a business is serious business. You wanna get it right. When I was a child, names of eating establishments in particular were typically inventive. No fast-food restaurants with standard names had yet materialized. One drive-in was called the Cream Spot. Another was the Humdinger. If Snow and Sally’s hamburger joint had a…

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What’s Up? by Deon Fincher

I was visiting with one of my best friends this past week. She lives in the Santa Cruz mountains just south of the San Francisco Bay. She was describing the tour that she went on recently-The Marin County to Point-Reyes Cheese Trail. Granted, the descriptions below are taken from the brochures that were provided, but…

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About Town by Deon Fincher

This morning, the Floyd County Commissioners reinstated the Burn Ban for the county. Ironically, this evening as I sit down to write, the pitter-patter of raindrops on the tin-roof of my porch makes me smile. Finally, we are getting some much-needed, slow, steady moisture. According to the National Weather Service Prediction Center, the outlook for…

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