Mrs. Kidd presented Mrs. Baird’s “Teacher on the Rise” award

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RISE AND SHINE Lockney Junior High’s Shandra Kidd (second from left) was selected as “Mrs. Baird’s Teacher on the Rise” April 9. Kidd was nominated by Kaileigh Cook (left). Shane Sumrow, director of Mrs. Baird’s Teacher on the Rise (second from right), and Rebekah Bernal (right), representative of United Amigos in Plainview, presented the award.

Mrs. Kidd presented Mrs. Baird’s “Teacher on the Rise” award


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LOCKNEY—Lockney Junior High teacher Shandra Kidd was presented the Mrs. Baird’s Bread “Teacher on the Rise” award for March 2021 by the United Supermarkets on Friday, April 9.

Lockney Junior High eighth-grader Kaileigh Cook wrote the essay to nominate Mrs. Kidd, who has taught 8th grade math for 29 years.

Cook stated in her essay, “Mrs. Kidd is in her last year of teaching. She has taught close to 30 years. She has not only been a teacher to so many of us she has been our friend, second mom, cheerleader and such an inspiration. She is an amazing teacher and expects only greatness.”

Cook added, “Mrs. Kidd has taught all of her years right here in Lockney. You don’t see that very often. A teacher investing their entire career to one town/school. One of my favorite things is she refuses to teach to a test. She takes our lessons and makes them into real life. She works hard to make sure everyone is understanding and mastering what she is teaching.”

Cook ended her essay with, “When you leave Mrs. Kidd’s classroom you don’t just think you can crush your dreams…you know you can. She truly is a one-of-a-kind teacher, and she deserves to be recognized.”

Kidd received a $100 gift card to United, dinner for two at the Texas Tech Club in Lubbock and a box full of goodies from Mrs. Baird’s. Cook received a $50 Visa gift card.

“We have had a tremendous year for Teachers on the Rise,” said Shane Sumrow, the program’s director. “With hundreds of nominations, we have heard many testimonials about the great things teachers are doing in our classrooms and virtual learning. We select three winners every month, so we encourage students to re-enter their teachers if they didn’t win and try to be a detailed as possible on why teachers deserve special recognition.”

Nominations may be submitted at monthly for teachers of elementary, middle-school, and high school students.

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