Floydada’s Serrato siblings plan downtown market, event venue

Floydada’s Serrato siblings plan downtown market, event venue


As first-generation Americans, Floydada sisters Yelitza, Yuleida and Yelena Serrato have learned a few things about startups.

Whether it’s starting a new life in the U.S.—as their grandfather did when making his way from Mexico to Floyd County on foot to obtain steady farm work, or being the first ones in their family to pursue higher education—they understand a great deal about pioneering.

Now they’re looking to start a new business venture of their own, and help others in the process.

“Growing up, we often went to flea markets—large events, like those in San Antonio and Dallas—and we saw the jobs they create,” said middle sister Yuleida, a cosmetology graduate. But the sisters also  witnessed how difficult it could be for local crafters, home cooks, and cottage industries to make the jump to selling their wares on the market.

Regulatory, licensing, and tax matters can seem overwhelming at first, and especially for immigrants or those for whom English isn’t a first language, can also pose an intimidating barrier.

As one example, the sisters learned about the City of Floydada’s temporary vendor ordinance after helping organize a community charity event last fall to benefit those affected by Covid-19. 

“We were the guinea pigs,” said the youngest, Yelena, a Floydada High School graduate of the Class of 2020, a former intern at the Hesperian-Beacon, and now a student at the University of Texas at Austin.

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Yelitza, Yuleida and Yelena Serrato

TALENTED TRIO Sisters Yelitza, Yuleida and Yelena Serrato have been renovating the historic commercial block at the inersection of Main & Mississippi in Floydada and anticipate launching the Corner Market and event venue in mid-March. | HESPERIAN-BEACON PHOTO

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