Floydada ISD superintendent Trevino makes the decision to succeed

  1. Dr. Gilbert Trevino

    Dr. Gilbert Trevino


Floydada ISD superintendent makes the decision to succeed



This spring Gilbert Trevino will mark ten years as superintendent of Floydada schools. But there were times he doubted he’d ever reach such a milestone.

The first son born to teenaged parents, Trevino spent his early life on a farm near Cotton Center, Texas, next door to his paternal grandparents. Trevino spoke Spanish but knew little English. At first, as a kindergarten student who rode the bus each morning to neighboring Hale Center, the boy told his grandmother he did not want to go to school. He cried—but she saw to it that he got on the bus. She said he needed to go to school to learn.

During a recent interview with Hesperian-Beacon reporter Yelena Serrato, Trevino recalled these early struggles. Overcoming extremely difficult circumstances, Trevino grew up to become an educator who looks forward to going to school every day. 

Kindergarten years

While he was still a kindergartener, Trevino said, his father took a job at Excel Energy and the family, by then including a younger brother, to Plainview. There the Trevinos lived in a two-bedroom house on Avenue E. His father continued working for the company until it closed thirty-five years later. Though Trevino took pride in his father’s reliable commitment to  supporting his family, he also observed his father’s addiction to alcohol throughout the years and later understood that poverty was also a part of his youth.

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