By Kenneth Bain, Jr.

John Alexander Bain (born March 24, 1862, Wise County, Texas) married Julia Piner (born December 3, 1866) in Denton, Texas, April 6, 1887.  To this marriage were born six children; Kenneth Ewing Bain (born January 23, 1888); Ethleen Bain (married C. B. James); John A Bain Jr.; Frank Bain; Ruth Bain (married Bruce Burleson); and Walter Lee Bain. The J. A. Bain Family moved from Denton to Magnalena, New Mexico, in 1890, where he and his brother raised cattle; and in 1900 the family moved to Silverton, Texas, where he worked in a bank and owned a hardware store.  John Alexander Bain died November 9, 1940.

Kenneth E. Bain (born January23, 1888, Denton Texas) graduated from Silverton High School and Clarendon College and was in graduating class of 1911 University of Texas Law School and obtained his license to practice law in 1910.  Kenneth Bain married Lucy Stevenson August 16, 1911, in Silverton, Texas, and practiced law in Silverton until 1916 when he moved his family to Floydada where he was a lawyer.  In early 1929 he was appointed by Governor Dan Moody as the first District Judge of the 110th Judicial District Court, composing the counties of Floyd, Briscoe, Motley, and Dickens, was re-elected twice, and went back into private law practice in 1935.

Kenneth E. Bain died July 18, 1964, in Floydada.

Lucy Cora Stevenson (Mrs. Kenneth Bain), and her twin sister, Lizzie Nora Stevenson (Mrs. Willie Smithee), were born August 31, 1889, in Seymour, Texas, the youngest of ten children born to Robert F. Stevenson (born August 31,1842) and wife, Mary Elizabeth Folley (born November 17, 1850). In 1892 Lucy moved with her parents by wagon from Baylor County to Silverton, where she finished high school.

She attended Clarendon College and was a school teacher in Silverton before her marriage to Kenneth Bain.

To the marriage of Kenneth Bain and wife Lucy Stevenson were born two children, a daughter named Jean Bain, born July 30, 1915, in Silverton, and a son named Kenneth E. Bain, Jr. born June 4, 1919, in Floydada.

Jean Bain (Mrs. Leroy Rushing) graduated from Floydada High School in 1932, and Texas Tech College in 1937, and married LeroyRushing November 25, 1948, making their home in Breckenridge, Texas, and he is a school principal.  To this marriage was born daughter, Mary Lee Rushing (Mrs. Gary M. Pettit) born June 15, 1950, and she graduated from Texas Tech University, then on March 25, 1972, she married Gary Martin Pettit; to this marriage have been born two children, a son Steven Michael Pettit, born November 30, 1974, and a daughter named Susan Dianne Pettit, born October 30, 1976, and they now reside in Austin.

Kenneth E. Bain, Jr. graduated Floydada High School 1936, worked at First National Bank in Floydada and completed three years college at Texas Tech before entering the Army in February 1942, served approximately 4 years with the finance department of the 90th Infantry Division during World War II.  In 1946 he entered the University of Texas Law School where he graduated January 31, 1949.

He was a partner with his father in the practice of law in Floydada until his father’s death. After which he was a lawyer in private practice by himself and served as County Attorney of Floyd County.

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