By Mrs. Clyde Stowe

Clyde and I, Lona Hill Stowe, are not newcomers to Floyd County, although Clyde was born at Olney, Texas, August 2,1909.  I was born in Ellis County, June 5, 1911.

In 195, my father and mother, Jesse James Hill and Emma Shadix Hill, my brothers and sisters, and I left Ellis County with everything we owned, including horses and cows on a train for Hillis, Oklahoma.  We settled on a farm south of Hollis. Our mill pumped gyp water.  Dad was forced to haul water from Red River about two miles away.

In 1917, our next move was to Floyd County by covered wagon.  We settled on a farm in the Liberty Community east of Lockney where we attended school.

Mother was born in Tennessee in 1886.  She passed away in Plainview in 1963.  Dad was born in Alabama in 1886. He died in Lockney in 1971.

Clyde and I met in Lockney in 1929.  We were married in 1930 in Clovis, New Mexico.

We farmed in the Liberty Community about three years.  Our daughter, Nita Joyce, was born in 1932 and our son Billy Clyde was born in 1933.  They were both born in Floyd County.

We moved to Olney, Texas and farmed three years.  Another daughter, Emma Jean, was born in 1935.  We lost her in an automobile accident in 1938.

We moved to Lockney in 1937 and have resided here bout 45 years.  We have six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Nita Joyce married F. G. Jones, Jr. in Lockney, in 1949.  They are the parents of four children.  Genita was born in 1951, married Bill Finley in 1969. While living in Lubbock, both lost their lives in a traffic collision in 1971.  Terry was born in 1953, married Sandra Gibson in 1972. They are the parents of two children, Shawn and Valarie.

Tenna was born in 1954, married Richard Wooten in 1977.  Belinda was born in 1957, married Sidney Gibson in 1976.

Our son Bill, after spending four years in the air force, two of which were spent in Tokyo, Japan, came home and married Nadine Eilers in Plainview in 1958.  Bill is an airplane instrument technician at Shepard Air Base in Wichita Falls, Texas, where they reside. They are the parents of two sons, Stacey was born in 1961 and Jason was born in 1974.

Clyde’s parents were Soley and Clara Rushing Stowe.  His father was born in 1863 in Wayne County, Tennessee.  He moved with his parents to Texas at the age of six.

Clyde’s mother was born in Parker County.  She was the daughter of the late G. W. Rushing, who was the founder of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Olney where he was the pastor.

Clyde’s parents were married in 1894 in Parker County.  They moved to Olney in 1900.  His father was a retired farmer.  He passed away in 1951 and his mother died in 1962.  They were the parents of five sons, Clyde of Lockney and Wayne of Wichita Falls survive this date, January, 1978.

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