Pumpkin Sling Shot winner receives trophy

Aaron Hendricks, left, and Pumpkin Sling Shot Champion Seth Stephens show the trophies they won. (Photo by Misty Leatherwood Photography)

By Teresa Bigham/The Hesperian-Beacon—

Seth Stephens, Producer’s Coop Elevator, and Aaron Hendricks, Floydada Coop Gin, built the sling shot for everyone to use at the Pumpkin Sling Shot contest held during Punkin’ Days on Oct. 10.

The sling shot is located on the east side of the elevator. Several people participated in this contest.

Stephens won best out of two shots per person. The champion trophy will stay on display at Producer’s Coop Elevator until next year.
Caitlinn Stephens made the champion trophy.

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