Start a food business from home

By Cristen Brooks
Floyd County Extension Agent
Family & Community Health—

For those spending more time at home cooking, baking, making jellies and enjoying time in the kitchen might consider making some extra money on the side or even start a full-time, home-based food business.  If so, it’s time to look into Cottage Food Law.

Texas has specific laws in place that have made it easy to start earning some money on the side by starting your own home food business. These laws are referred to as Cottage Food Law.

However, there are a few requirements needed to make sure everything have in place before deciding to launch a business.

Start by reading over a fact sheet and visiting the websites listed to learn more about Texas Cottage Food Law and what is needed to become the newest entrepreneur and start making some money selling awesome goodies.

To get certified in Food Handlers, please contact Cristen Brooks at the Extension Office at 806-983-4912 or email [email protected]

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